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  • Modeling Clay
    Available in various bright colors and
    neon colors. These modeling clay are
    non-drying and non-hardening.
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  • Dough
    Dough is made of flour with
    speacial treatment that enable longer
    long-lasting storage.
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  • Beady Clay
    Beady Clay is made fo sof foam beads
    for children to create
    and decorate coloful craft items.
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  • Light Clay
    Light weight and good elasticity the
    colors mix easily and blend well to
    create new colors.
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  • Paper mache
    Paper mache is one of the finest
    products under Kid Art reputation
    with fun and enjoyment. made
    by recycle paper.
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  • Sandy Clay
    Sandy Clay is real simple to use for
    amateurs, professionals ,
    and recreational artists.

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  • Air Hardening Clay
    Non-Toxic mineral-based modeling -
    clay which dries slowly without
    shrinkage in room temperature.
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  • Flower Clay
    The uniquenes of flower clay is long
    lasting after is dried, but still -
    flexible at the same time.
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