About Us

        Kid Art brand focuses on children ages 3-14 as target group. As crayons is one of the early learning color tools for children and can freely draw on paper. Then we gradually developed Chalk, Clay, Paints, Glue and arts & crafts materials. “Kid” is a general term for children. “Art” is craftsmanship. Hopefully, the children can learn new knowledge from a young age and build fond memories. There is this old saying in Chinese, “Children who learn art is more unlikely to turn bad.”

      Kid Art® workshop / events are specifically tailored towards children worldwide between the ages of 3-14 in collaboration with childcare centers, kindergartens and primary schools. The classes are fun, focus, creative and educational, and every class will result in making their own one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

1. IQ and EQ
-Intrapersonal Skills (Self Regard, Emotional Self Awareness, Assertiveness, Independence, Self Actualization)
-Interpersonal Skills (Empathy, Social Responsibility, Interpersonal Relationships)
-Stress Management (Stress Tolerance, Impulse Control) -Adaptability (Reality Testing, Flexibility, Problem Solving)
-General Mood (Optimism, Happiness)

2. Creativity
      Children are inherently curious. Through Kid Art Arts & Crafts, children can create something unique to express their thoughts and emotions and make choices of what material to use and how to use them.

3. Fine Motor Skills
      By playing with Kid Art modeling craft materials, children are able to accurately and effectively use the small muscles (intrinsic muscles) in their hands.

4. Concentration and Perseverance
       Kid Art modeling materials allow children to follow a series of steps that requires them to memorize the process and concentrate on following it through. This is a good way for children to learn patience and to understand that sometimes it takes work to achieve a positive final result. Kid Art brand is very involved in the health and happiness of children growing up, emphasizing "build self-confidence in a joyful learning environment", as we have been actively developing in drawing and all kinds of clay products to combine in our intelligence curriculum system, sought to give the children practical ability, thinking capability and comprehensive aptitude, aiming for creative enlightenment and fun attractions. Think outside the box. Hoping to contribute to the children’s aesthetic education and personality development!

Let the children bring imagination to life.